Thursday, February 02, 2006

Progress for Assignment 1

Okay, my group has basically put together some form of "game" (hopefully it is).

1. The game is played on a purpose-built board. Layout for 2 to 4 players.
2. Each player has 5 pieces - similar to chess. 2x student pieces, 1x lecturer piece, 1x dean piece, 1x special unit.
3. All pieces move horizontally and vertically only. Students are younger and more energetic, and therefore can move 3 squares per turn. Lecturers 2 squares per turn, and dean 1 square per turn.
4. Each piece has a health point, ranging from 50 to 35.
5. On each turn, the player moves ALL his pieces once. Each piece can either move and/or attack. Once the piece attacks, the piece cannot move afterwards.
6. Each piece has its own attack pattern, which will be drawn out and easily understoof.
7. Attack is carried out by throwing a dice. Students get a 4-sided dice, lecturers a 6-sided one, deans get a percentile dice, and special units get a 20-sided dice.
8. The value shown on the thrown dice will be subtracted from the defending unit's health. At the same time the defender throws his/her corresponding type of dice, and half of this amount will be deducted from the attacker's health as well.
9. Possible multipliers include being attacked from the back, which will result in twice the attack damage.
10. Lastly, on the board there're some "event squares". If you step on them, you'll draw cards from a deck, similar to monopoly. A sample random event might be: "School vacation. Students don't move for next 2 turns."
11. Once a piece has been defeated (health 0), it's removed from the board.
12. To win the game, either defeat all of the opponent's pieces, or enter the opponent's "dean's office", which is a special square located at the opponent's end of the board.
13. Special unit can be chosen from a pool of special units, most probably named "celebrities" from NUS itself. Each special unit has its unique attack pattern and move limitations. Health points are also different. Meaning each has its own strengths and weaknesses. The player will choose one special unit to play.

probably your game board could take reference form that of cluedo. haha. something that comes in a shape of a school or campus. haha.
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